A few years back, the owner Dino was introduced the game of cornhole or bean bag toss. Endless hours of enjoyable family fun ensued. Some of it friendly, most of it very competitive. When he looked into buying his own set of game boards,  he was surprised at the cost and how cheaply they were constructed.

Dino himself being a contractor knew he could better. So he built a set for himself to take to picnics and tailgating to football games. When others saw his custom sets they asked if he would build them game boards as well.

That is the inspiration behind Kernels Cornhole. Since we began in 2014 we have built over 50 sets of game boards. Each one a little better than the previous generation. We started out hand painting all the game boards, but soon realized that so much more could be imagined with vinyl wraps. We can now do just about anything imaginable with our game boards.From team logos mascots to fully custom boards for your civic group or business Kernels Cornhole boards. For a popping good-time!

Written by Dino Tudisca